Becoming Americans: The Shapiro Story


A Visit to Shapiro House

Perhaps the most interesting part of the disc (for me) is the Visit to Shapiro House module. There are really two parts to this module. In the Tour the House section (above) QuickTime VR movies of each room are displayed. You can click and drag to see different parts of the room, and click within the video window to go to another room (or click on the room in the map at left.) Also, some items in the room are hotspots in the movie. Clicking on the object will display a full screen photographic along with a caption.

In the Restoration section (below) sequences of images were taken of the house at different points over the course of the restoration. You can see these images by clicking on a view icon on the house map (left) and then clicking on the different dates (bottom right.) Clicking on the image (middle right) displayed a full screen version of the image.


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