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FEBRUARY 14th, 2010

Jason Goldberg on got his HDR-AX2000 and posted this comment about Active Stabilization:

  1. I just did a bit of experimenting, and I couldn't discern any noise from the Active Steadyshot mode. [...] As you might expect the on-camera mics pick up a ton of camera noise, but even with the gain jacked up, I didn't hear any extra noise with the Active Steadshot mode engaged and with some camera movement.

FEBRUARY 13th, 2010

The HXR-HX5 and HDR-AX2000 are turning up in stock, and in people’s hands. Here’s some reports:

  1. Sean Seah got his hands on an HXR-NX5, and has put together a 9 minute walk-around on YouTube.

  2. Rick Young got his hands on a HXR-NX5E in Barcelona, and takes it for a spin.

  3. now has the HDR-AX2000 listed as instock.

  4. Amazon has the HDR-AX2000 listed as in stock.

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2010

Alex Wu posted an unboxing sequence on Viemo of the HXR-NX5N

B&H lists the HDR-AX2000 as in stock. The HXR-NX5U is still listed as pre-order.

A booklet on AVCHD, the AVCHD Introduction for NXCAM is available on Sony’s website in the resources section

JANUARY 28th, 2010

Sony has added a new manual: AVCHD Introduction Handbook for NXCAM to their resources at the NXCAM site. The only problem; at the moment the link is broken!

JANUARY 27th, 2010

Moshe Lehrer has written a first look for the B&H newsletter. Unfortunately, it's really just an article going through the features of the camera, but at the end he does say:

  1. ...over the next few weeks, I'll be putting the AX2000 through it's paces, testing it in a whole bunch of different shooting situations, and I'll come back with a full hands-on review in our next B&H Pro Video newsletter.

JANUARY 26th, 2010

The pre-order price at B & H has gone back up; to $4295. (Don’t you wish you’d pre-ordered?!)

[UPDATED] Now it’s back down to $3,995]

JANUARY 23rd, 2010

The manual for the HXR-NX5U is available in PDF format at Sony’s NXCAM site

JANUARY 20th, 2010

Juan Martinez, Senior Product Manager, Sony Broadcast & Professional AV Products, clarified a few more details of the HXR-NX5 for me:

  1. The HDMI signal is 4:2:2

  2. 24p is encoded natively

  3. the 60i/50i upgrade was done to reduce gray market sales. It should cost about $300 and requires sending the camera to a Sony Service center. Turnaround about a day.

  4. There is a GPS-less version (some countries only).

  5. The new Active Steadyshot is also optical

JANUARY 18th, 2010

The model number of the HXR-NX5 in the US is HXR-NX5U, but has a page for the HXR-NX5E and the HXR-NX5E. It appears that the NX5E includes GPS support, while the NX5M does not.

This was advertised when it was announced, but I forgot to include it: Sony US is offering a $500 rebate on the HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit, bringing the price down to $250. The rebate is available until March 31st.

JANUARY 16th, 2010

The HDR-AX2000 page @ has been updated and now mentions SDHC card support!

  1. Memory Stick slot : Dual Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media/ SD/SDHC (Class 4) media slots (2 slots A/B)

JANUARY 15th, 2010

The HXR-NX5U is listed for preorder at $3,990 at B&H Photo right now. Not sure if that’s the price it’s going to settle at, or it’s an error, or what!

JANUARY 13th, 2010

The HDR-AX2000 is available for preorder at B & H Photo for $3,499. No word on availability.

JANUARY 9th, 2010

Open questions: Differences between the two cameras

  1. Does the HDR-AX2000 support SDHC cards? -YES

  2. Is the HDMI signal 10-bit 4:2:2 Chroma sampling?

  3. Other Differences to HXR-NX5U?

  4. How is 24p encoded on HXR-NX5U?

And when will the HDR-AX2000 actually be out? - Feb 8

JANUARY 7th, 2010

HDR-AX2000 listed for presale at Amazon for $3499.99, arrival February 8th.

Listed as price TBA at B&H Photo.

Listed as $3,199.99 at Sony For Business website (no information on who qualifies for that price.)

HXR-NX5U listed for preorder at $4,499.95 at B&H Photo

JANUARY 6th, 2010

Sony announces the semi-professional HDR-AX2000 and professional HXR-NX5U. The HXR-NX5U will be available later this month with a list price of $4,950, while the HDR-AX2000 is scheduled to be available in March with a list price of $3,500.

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